Couples seeking couples for friendship

I love you, but I’m not in love with you. How can it happen that a couple who were once thrilled with each other can fall out of love? It seems like couples seeking couples for friendship mystery, but it’s not. They don’t know what partnership is, or how to do it.

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couples seeking couples for friendship

Without partnership, there can be no lasting love. Couples who become competitive and fight about who’s right or wrong can destroy the love they originally had for each other. The partnership way is to focus on cooperatively fixing the problem. The quickest way to destroy love is to hold on to resentment. Allowing old hurts and grudges to go unresolved is corrosive.

Resentment is like rust that eats away at the bonds of your relationship. It’s important to learn to clear up resentment by first recognizing it in yourself, then confessing it and learning to solve the problems that caused it. Men and women have different reasons for falling out of love.