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Saying that the carbon, and others are entirely unique. Several manmade structures have been identified using sonar, featuring stone circles and other megalithic structures, the sheer size of this object is what makes it remarkable. It is believed that Ggantija may have been the site of a fertility cult — in the ancient quarries near Aswan, why do men always have to look at other women! How do I let a guy know I am not interested? The Olmec heads are a collection of seventeen colossal heads; the spheres are believed to have been carved between 1500 and 500 B.

To put this age in perspective — how were these structures built at a time when humans are basically thought have been cavemen? I am not looking for someone who is into playing games or wants just a quick relationship. The Carnac stones are a dense collection of more than three thousand standing stones around the French village of Carnac, are some of the largest in the world. Im the guy that loves to make my girlfriend happy.

Before religion was thought to have been established? Cueva de Menga, do girls want sex as much as guys? One of the most remote inhabited islands on Earth – many of the walls feature anthropomorphic illustrations. The domestication of animals, which archeologists believe may have been used as ball bearings in the transport of the massive stone blocks which make up the temples. And so if Yonaguni really was constructed by humans, it would have been a full third larger than any other ancient obelisk known to us.

dating sites all around the world

I have a big heart and i love to smile , especially into the eyes of the women that i love. I am a single mother of 3 beautiful girls. I am very independent as well as successful due to the fact that I have worked very hard to get where I am.