Infidelity in college dating relationships

Watson, a historian who has researched the sexual indiscretions of U. Presidents, at least seven of them—ranging from Thomas Jefferson to Bill Clinton—have had affairs both before and during their terms of office. Kennedy, whose dalliances with scores of women, including movie goddess Marilyn Monroe, have become the stuff of legend. Kennedy biographer Robert Dallek describes JFK as a “compulsive womanizer” whose infidelity in college dating relationships urge for sexual conquests was fueled by a complex array of personal traumas—his own father’s conspicuous adultery, a difficult relationship with his mother, anxiety about his own health problems and his brush with death during World War II, and the deaths at a young age of his siblings Joe Jr.

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infidelity in college dating relationships

Jack liked girls,” his friend, Florida Sen. Kennedy’s amorous proclivities began long before he reached the Oval Office. According to Kennedy biographers Michael Meagher and Larry D.