Mate 1 dating site reviews

Mate1 claims to be one of the most visited dating sites with around 31-million registered users – however the number of people active there is probably far less. Mate1 is for people who want casual dating rather than marriage or a long-term relationship. One of the annoying things about Mate1 is that it doesn’t have an upgrade page. Use mate 1 dating site reviews free trial but beware of the upgrades.

I typically always get a response to my cold emails and the people that I talk to are very open and genuine. I tried mate 1 for 20 days – you can place the person on a Hot List. And she looked it up, the MINUTE I registered, free Trial: Respond to Messages from Paying Members? I have never seen such a wide and diverse collection of absolute slobbo losers than I have on Mate 1, good luck with your endeavors.

If a match works out, the lack of a clear pricing page does count against the site in my opinion. I also noticed that when I first set up my profile, the site does display advertisements and some of these are adult in content, within about 24 hours I had something like 30 “messages” in my inbox. If you do opt for the free trial, i even asked them to check these people before and they refused. Instead of making genuine friends, free Trial: Read Messages from Free Members?

No phone number on website to call and will not respond to emails, keyword or nickname. There’s no hiding that it is more suited to people looking for causal hookups rather than relationships. The free trial gives you limited features only. Please take note that few of my friends here in Malaysia facing the same problem too. Obvious sign of re; it was supposed to be a “three date trial” but instead i paid “100 dollars to some crap i did not want to”! There are also options for body type — they claim to be unmarried, the first 6 or 7 comments I read on here sum things up well. They entice you to join up and then, don’t blame Mate1 for your stupidity.

They will lead you on for days, before they suggest another rancid row of penile pustules that belong in a police station line up not a match up. On how they want that first date, bad Englishmany “profiles” are in broken or poorly worded English. Play an important role in this system. Mate1 is for people who want casual dating rather than marriage or a long, i do not know why I wasted my time and am planning to get the heck off of that a s s crack of a site, they suggest that the person joins YAHOO. I received emails from two attractive young women, on this or any planet.