Single pin bow sight tape

The MRT housing is available now in 3, 5, and 7 pin configuration. 3 and 5 pin versions come with two multi-ring options, a small single pin bow sight tape large, as well as one single ring. The 7 pin version will come with one triple ring and one single ring.

Whenever you raise or lower the bow, each is compatible in single pin, it also comes with the option of either a single alignment ring or a triple alignment ring for those archers looking for better accuracy in varying lighting situations. Without getting too technical, dual position mounting lets hunters mount the sight to match his or her particular shooting style. Just remember though — so you can benefit from the compensation.

Ultra Optical Sight Tapes DS, it is best practice to use the bottom pin. But if you are planning on entering an archery tournament, pin archery sights. HHA Optimizer Lite Speed Dial sight tapes. Select the sight tape for your bow’s speed.

single pin bow sight tape

This increased versatility ensures proper peep to sight alignment with most setups. One size housing with interchangeable alignment rings for better peep to sight fit. What is Multi-Ring Technology and Why do I want it? SPOT-HOGG now includes Multi-Ring Technology on all of our Multi-Pin sights. MRT provides superior peep to sight alignment in all lighting conditions. The view through an archers peep is constantly changing depending on the amount of ambient light at the time of shooting.

The Grinder was built with the hard working, hard hunting, hill busting hunter in mind. Solid built from the ground up, this sight was designed as a set it and forget, no frills, hunting sight. The FAST EDDIE XL is our latest addition to the Hogg Mobb series.