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Research during the twenty-first single white female looking for black male suggests that chimerism is a more common cause of tortie males than the XXY chromosome abnormality. A chimera is the result of 2 fertilised eggs fusing to become a single kitten.

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XY chimera if one X has the O gene and the other does not then some fur will be ginger and some black because different parts of the skin originate from different eggs! Female cats can also be chimeras, but they are generally only noticed if they have a “genetically impossible” mix of colours in the coat e. This can come about through investigation of an illness or through visual clues such as tortoiseshell coats in male cats. XY chimera, X chromosome inactivation will occur. Angel noted that perhaps one in every one or two hundred tortoiseshells is a tomcat and that these were once prized by superstitious boat owners. In 1981, at one year and three months old, Skipper was described as looking un-tomcat-like.

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